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The output of teamwork

Maramoja Projects is a network company. This means every project gets an optimal team, effectively geared to the task. A joint effort to realize projects within the deadline and budget. Maramoja Projects has the expertise and experience, from initial drawing and artist impression to turn-key finished projects, which can also be preceded by a feasibility study, research and strengths calculation report.

Maramoja Projects. Lean and meaningful

Maramoja Projects works with any material. The projects are carried out using an unlimited choice of materials, stainless steel, aluminium, composites, polyurethanes, glass, textile, wood or plastics. In addition, Maramoja Projects takes care of the prototyping, sampling and project management.

Rain, Washington D.C., USA

Design: Thurlow Small, Inc / NIO architecten

St. Bavokerk, Haarlem, Netherlands

Light Architecture: ipv Delft

Holocaust monument LEVENSLICHT, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Design by Studio Roosegaarde

”Untitled”, Piotr Uklański, Venice, New York and Paris

Artist: Piotr Uklański

Space, Eindhoven Station, Netherlands

Artist and innovator: Daan Roosegaarde

Bus station North Schiphol, Schiphol, the Netherlands

Architect: Claessens Erdmann architects & designers

Chandelier Eléphant Paname, Paris, France

Design: Atelier H. Audibert, Tiphaine Treins

Printemps Boulevard Haussmann (1), Paris, France

Design: Wonderwall Inc., Masamichi Katayama

Printemps Boulevard Haussmann (2), Paris, France

Design: Wonderwall Inc., Masamichi Katayama

Cube Chandelier, Zwolle, the Netherlands

Design: Herman ter Hennepe

Silo 468, Helsinki, Finland

Design: Lighting Design Collective SL System integrator : Sun Effects General contractor : VRJ Led suspension system: Maramoja Projects

Led light Swimming pool floor, Superyacht Industry

Development : Maramoja Projects bv

UNIQA Vital Business Center, Budapest, Hungary

In cooperation with Molto Luce GmbH, Traxon Technologies & Meso

Stadsfeestzaal shopping centre, Antwerp, Belgium

Design: NiNa Graziosi Progetti, Har Hollands

Printemps Louvre du Carrousel, Paris, France

Design: Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel & Partners Architect: Ertim

Maramoja Projects. Struck by lighting.